Famous Cricket Matches of All Time

Cricket, better known as the gentleman’s game, has grown to fame since the Britishers’ time. It was played on and off during the 1800s on and enjoyed by many globally. Cricket is a unique game that recognizes one’s sportsmanship, camaraderie, morality, and mental strength. Today, people are more conversant with gaming online games and have discovered an intriguing way of associating with real players and upcoming cricket matches. Here are some famous international matches with the best cricket performances. 

India vs. Australia, 1987

India vs Australia ranks as one of the most memorable international cricket games in history. This is because the match was quite competitive and caught everyone’s attention till the very last minute. The game was held in Chennai and had the most terrific titans of the time.  

The final target that India was meant to achieve to beat Australia was 271. Australia sent Steve Waugh to bowl Maninder Singh to claim the winning overs of the match. The underdog in the game was Australia and won from a deficit that was impossible to climb out off. The strong determination of the Australians came under the full view of the audience, and they stood true to their stature of being the best in the game.

Australia vs. West Indies, 1975

Australia vs West Indies was played when the world of cricket was shifting to the newly introduced one-day cricket format. This was also the first world cup match played in the presence of a full audience. The excellent Vivian Richards and the legendary Clive Loyd were the two players who really stood out throughout the game. They showcased their amazing playing skills in the cricketing field making their team face the tough nuts of Australia.

The team’s fans were super excited to watch the match as the first final of the courageous new format and sporting spirits were extremely elevated across the stadium. Dennis Lille and Jeff Thomson kept the Australian hopes high till the end of the match when that was short-lived by the dynamic duo of Richard and Loyd from the West Indies team who proved to be the better team. The West Indies won and the climax is when all their fans poured into the well known ground of the Lord’s to celebrate the great victory.

Famous Cricket Matches

India vs. England 2002

After playing six rounds of cricket matches individually in every league, India vs England came together and recorded a significant final that fans live to remember even two decades later. The captain of the Indian cricket team then, Sourav Ganguly, made the most definitive play of his career and scored a half-century in a smooth few overs that elevated India to the next level of the fighting ring. The very last target set by England was 326 runs and India quickly climbed to 106  in 14.2 overs. To everyone’s surprise, the Indian team lost a few wickets in no time, and their play dropped to 146 with 5 wickets down the hole. 

Harbhajan Singn and Kaif displayed a lot of prowess by portraying actual world-class cricket in the match. Their stellar performance gave them a 47- run partnership from 15 balls. Kaif scored 9 more runs in the penultimate over, leaving only two runs which  Zaheer scored and gracefully snatched the victory. Every avid cricket fan remembers the jubilations by Sourav after his win in the extremely competitive match. 

England vs. Australia 2005

The popular 2005 Ashes series would prove to be nothing if England and Australia had not had a historic clash in the game. England began the game series by setting a target of 282 for the Australians to chase  This was originally not the main target but the English Players showed their proficiency in the game when they almost capped them off at 175 after taking eight wickets of them on the fourth day of the series. It was almost certain that victory for the Greens was a blur but Brett Lee and Shane Wame were determined to shift the game’s tide. They pushed the score to 220 and unfortunately, Shane fell, and it was at this point that they again felt like victory was impossible.

Michael Kasprowicz tried to become the saving grace when he joined focus with Brette Lee and was able to archive 279 runs, just three shy from winning the game.  Michael was dismissed and the team lost the match.  It was quite a tight match and it was unclear who exactly won at the end of the game. The game is a testament that trying and failing, proving how a cricket game can be so unpredictable. 


There is no doubt that cricket is such an exciting game to play and watch. No one can easily predict how a game might turn. Players give their best shot to win their matches passionately and seem enjoyable. Currently, new players are coming into the cricket world even making braver decisions in these international matches that are bound to add more memorable experiences in cricket’s history books. 


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