Best Cricket Tournaments

Cricket Tournaments

Cricket is among the most popular sports on a global scale. A lot of people enjoy watching cricket matches. Every member of the team wants to shine and take home the trophy. Younger players are welcome. The current generation is focused on making a name in the spotlight.


Tournaments in cricket range from One Day Internationals (ODI) and Test Series to Twenty20 Internationals and the Cricket World Cup. In this article, each contest has rules to maintain orderly play. This post will talk about the world’s most followed and most loved event.

1.  ICC Cricket World Cup 

  • Management: International Cricket Council
  • Debut Year: 1975
  • Formation: ODI (One-Day International)
  • Most Dominant Team: Australia


ICC Cricket World Cup is arguably the most famous cricket event in the world today. It hosts one of the world’s largest and most renowned events and the World Cup Final every four years. This competition has four rounds, and each team gives their all to win it all for the honor of representing their nation in cricket.

2. ICC Championship Trophy

  • Management: ICC (International Cricket Council)
  • Debut Year: 1998
  • Formation: ODI (One-Day International)
  • Most Dominant Team: Australia and India  


ICC Championship Trophy is currently the second most popular tournament; the trophy weighs about 7.5kg. The first tournament was held in 2011, and India emerged as the favorite. This had a significant influence on the Indian team, and T20 became extremely popular throughout the world. The enthusiasm and intensity level for the competition is impossible for any of the supporters or athletes. 


  1. Ashes Series

  • Management: International Cricket Council  
  • Debut Year: 1882-83
  • Formation: Test Cricket
  • Most Dominant Team: Australia


Ashes Series are some of the most followed cricket events worldwide. There is a fascinating narrative behind the name of the Ashes series between Australia and England. England lost to Australia in 1882, and a Journalist published an obituary in memory of an English player who passed away. However, Australia will vow to win the upcoming series and bring the Ashes championship.

4. Championship League Twenty20

  • Management: Cricket Australia, BCCI, and Cricket South Africa
  • Debut Year: 2008
  • Formation: Twenty20
  • Most Dominant Team: Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings 

Best Cricket Tournaments

Twenty20 is played at many different domestic competitions. Australia, BCCI, and South Africa share ownership of the tournament, which attracts the world’s best teams each year. To advance to the IPL, they will need to perform well in this phase.

5. Indian Premier League

  • Management: Reliance industries
  • Debut Year: 2008
  • Formation: Twenty20
  • Most Dominant Team: Mumbai Indians


Many of you have probably heard of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a tournament that brings together young players, international players, and the Indian national team. The tournament lasts for two months and features breaking news throughout.

6. NatWest Series

  • Management: England Cricket Board
  • Debut Year: 2000
  • Format: One Day International
  • Most Dominant Team: England


It is a one-day international tournament that takes place in England. It is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable competitions to watch. Every team plays the other twice in the series, and the top two teams go to the final. It’s like a series of triangles. One of its most significant events was in 2004 when India beat England by more than 324 runs, a big deal and a period to be delighted of.

7. Border-Gavaskar Trophy

  • Management: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) & Cricket Australia
  • Debut Year: 1996-97
  • Formation: Test Cricket
  • Most Dominant Team: India


Border-Gavaskar Trophy is one of the well-known clashes between Australia and India. Several tournaments are a lot of fun and keep you on the edge of your seat. 


The Indian side has been on the list of the best teams across every tournament. These test series were a way to honor India’s Sunil Gavaskar and Australia’s Allan Border, who were the first players to hit 10,000 clubs.

8. Asia Cup

  • Management: Asian Cricket Council
  • Debut Year: 1984
  • Formation: Twenty20 International and ODI  
  • Most Dominant Team: India

Asia Cup

The Asia Cup has been held regularly since 1984, making it one of the longest-running competitions of its kind. Due to political and other factors, it has only occurred once, yet it is still considered among the world’s top 10 best events.

9. Commonwealth Bank Series

  • Management: Cricket Australia
  • Debut Year: 1979–80
  • Formation: Twenty20 International, from 2018
  • Most Dominant Team: Australia


It is an official Australian series, the local team typically does well, the competition has a sizable and devoted fan base, and the competition organizers go above and beyond to satisfy the supporters.

Final Thought 

The three primary structures are played yearly in many prestigious tournaments, bilateral or trilateral series, and leagues. This blog has discussed the top cricket tournaments you can enjoy watching or betting on popular betting sites.