Top Free Games For Your Android Phone!

Top Free Games For Your Android Phone!

There’s hardly anybody who does not play games on their smartphones. Even though, you are not a game addict, it is always uplifting to play on your smartphone. Suppose you’re traveling, or simply getting bored, then you can boost yourself a bit by playing a simple game on your phone.

This does not require any unnecessary hassle like video games. So, most of us are always up for an android game. And if these games are free to download then our happiness reach a different level.

Most of the times you download these games from Google play store, when it comes to your android phone. But did you know, you can download them from another site and that too for free?

One such site is Softonic. Here you can download any games or software for free.

So here, let us talk about some cool games for your Android phone which you must try at least once.

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  1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016, and pretty soon everybody was playing this game. This fun game lets you catch Pokemons. If you’re crazy about Pokemons, then you probably have already installed this game. This game is free to play and only requires a smartphone with 2 GB memory and accurate location facility.

Another specialty of this game is, it drags the users out. This means, in a generation, where outdoor games have almost become history, this game pushes the users outside and makes them walk miles, just to catch a Pokemon. That way this game is even cooler.

  1. Asphalt Xtreme

We all are familiar with the Asphalt games. They have indeed come a long way. And if car racing is your passion, and speed is what you love, then Asphalt Xtreme is exactly what you want.

In fact, this game comes with a no rule tagline. This would make any gamer more curious, because, without any rule to worry about, all you need is, trusting your instincts, and dive in. This game can be played in the multiplayer mode as well, and you can customize your rides.

So, download now!

  1. Subway Surfers

Another game that never gets old is, Subway Surfers. With a cool 4.5 rating on Google play store, this game has been topping the charts for years now.

The concept of this game is humorous and relatable.

A young kid and his dog are running from a policeman. The concept is this simple. We all get glued to find out what would happen to the kid at last. Will he be caught or not!

  1. Angry Birds

Top Free Games For Your Android Phone!

This game has almost become a classic now with many versions to its name. little cute birds, who can go to any extent to save themselves and their nests, is a nice concept no doubt.

You can try all the versions, available at both play store and Softonic.

Here I’ve mentioned only 4 popular games. There are many more free games for you to try. To know more about them and to get yourself completely acknowledged with the downloading process of Softonic, visit now!